High Five Spoilers

Ishqbaaz Internet Wala Love

Swabhimaan: Minister tells Sharda about Nandkishore’s wrong activities. He gives the evidence file to Sharda. Sharda is worried to get Nandkishore’s case. She gets invited by Nandkishore. She heads to meet Nandkishore. Nandkishore makes tea for Sharda. He treats her well. He has called Sharda home and welcomes her with humbleness. He has always been against Sharda. He shows his new side. He asks her how did she get late, he was thinking she would not come by his invitation. Sharda and Nirmala get surprised that Nandkishore is making the tea for Sharda. He asks Sharda to have tea, maybe she won’t have tea later. He tells Sharda that she is lucky that her daughters respect her a lot. He asks her to take rest as she has travelled long.

Naamkarann: Avni has become Neil’s wife. Its her first day in her Sasural. Neil makes Avni ready. He helps her out. He makes her wear bangles. He adorns her. Neil and Avni have compromised with the relation. Shweta tells Neil that she will never accept this marriage and Avni as her bahu. Shweta does not want to listen to Neil. Neil tells Avni that his grandmum Bebe is coming today, this marriage is a big thing for his Bebe, she will see her bahu in you. He tells her more about his Bebe. He says Bebe did not find a good bahu in Shweta, but she can like you. Bebe’s entry will be happening. Neil wants Avni to behave well with Bebe. Avni tells Neil that he wants to keep her in this marriage to take revenge, but she knows that revenge fire just ruins things. She asks him not to hurt himself by revenge intentions.

Chandrakanta: Virendra’s truth has come out in front of everyone. His crowning ceremony is done. Virendra has become the prince of Navgarh. Chandrakanta and Virendra are coming close. They are spending moments of love. None can separate them now. Virendra can’t believe the moments are true. He says I did not know the meaning of love, I m not habitual to get love, much love is showered on me, I did not see love since childhood and just got cheated by all relations, I don’t know if I can trust relations again, Marich has cheated me so badly that I lost belief in all relations.

Jaat Ki Jugni:Munni and Bittu is solving the murder case of Tau ji. They have reached the village. Munni is troubled by Bittu’s growing feelings for her. She has seen his love in his eyes. Munni thinks to meet Bittu and clear out few things. Munni goes to tell Bittu that she does not love her. Munni meets Bittu. She tells him that she does not love him and they will not meet again. Bittu gets upset and wants to stop her.

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani:

Rani and Raj’s love is turning strong. Raj hugs Rani and wants to tell his feelings. Rani understands him and still does not want to understand his emotions. She avoids Raj. Rani takes Sakshi’s avatar to expose Vikramjeet. Vikramjeet is at his cheap doings again. Rani decides to expose him. Raj will be supporting her. Rani wants to catch Vikramjeet red-handed. She is finding a chance. She tells Raj that it’s about Sakshi and Preeti’s lives. Raj hugs Rani being scared for her life. Rani keeps Sakshi away from Vikramjeet. Vikramjeet will be caught by Rani and Raj.


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