Love Ka Hai Intezaar – Madhav and Kamini’s new beginning

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Madhav tells Kamini that Vijaylaxmi signed the divorce papers and now they can marry. Vijaylaxmi calls Kamini and congratulates her. She says Madhav and I were finding a reason to get separated. Kamini gets guilt free. Kamini and Madhav get very much glad to make a new start together. Vijaylaxmi says Madhav will know her next plan soon. She plans to emotionally blackmail Madhav by using their daughter Madhavi. She very well knows Madhavi is everything for Madhav. She will be using Madhav’s weakness to cancel their divorce. Vijaylaxmi and her dad Rana ji conspire to trap Madhav for their political profits.

Vijaylaxmi does not want to lose her queen status by getting separated from a royal prince. She loves her status and powers. Kamini is not power hungry. Madhav means a world to Kamini. She is afraid whether the royal palace will accept her heartily or not. Vijaylaxmi and Rana ji get against Madhav and Kamini’s love. Rana ji threatens to ruin Kamini and her career. Kamini’s parents get worried for her, while Madhav gives them assurance of Kamini’s safety.






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