Munni to reject Bittu’s love in Jaat Ki Jugni


Munni and Bittu is solving the murder case of Tau ji. They have reached the village. Munni is troubled by Bittu’s growing feelings for her. She has seen his love in his eyes. Munni thinks to meet Bittu and clear out few things. Munni goes to tell Bittu that she does not love her. Munni meets Bittu. She tells him that she does not love him and they will not meet again. Bittu gets upset and wants to stop her.

Munni sees the snake and screams. She gets scared and hugs Bittu. Bittu pacifies her. Bittu’s dream gets fulfilled. He gets glad. Munni realizes the situation and pushes him. He does not leave her. She makes him away and cries. She fights with her emotions. She leaves from the place. It is not easy for Bittu to see refusal in love. He has always united the lovers. He believes in completing love stories. Bittu will complete his own love story also.



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