Naina’s plan to backfire badly in Pardes

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Naina insults Harjeet in the birthday party. She makes Harjeet dance with her. Khurana comes home and gets a shock seeing Naina humiliating Harjeet. Harjeet gets a chance to show Naina’s truth to Khurana. She tells him that Naina has made this birthday memorable for her. Khurana raises hand on Naina, to which she reacts angrily. She does not want to bear his tortures. He does not want to bear Harjeet’s humiliation.

Naina insults Khurana and hurts him. Manjot gets upset with Naina for displaying so much anger and hurting Khurana. Ahana’s spirit possesses Naina. Khurana does not want to forgive her for this insult. Harjeet shows her concern for Khurana. He feels bad for Harjeet. Naina’s misbehavior works in Harjeet’s favor. She is glad that Khurana is with her. He understands he was wrong about Naina. He believes Harjeet. Harjeet acts good in front of him. Khurana fears for his son, who is in Naina’s hands. Dadi and Naina act in front of Manjot too. Manjot tells Dadi that Naina has done wrong with Khurana, he did not deserve this insult. She asks Dadi for supporting Naina when she has shown wrong values. Dadi defends Naina. Dadi hides the motives that they want to ruin Khurana family. Dadi apologizes to Manjot from Naina’s side.

Naina tries to act normal in front of Khurana. Manjot observes Naina. She tells Khurana that some spirit has possessed Khurana. Harjeet tells the same to Khurana. Harjeet stays calm to win the game. Manjot decides to send Naina to Swami ji’s ashram who deal with mentally disturbed people. Manjot calls the ashram people to send Naina. Dadi asks them not to send Naina for any treatment. Khurana asks Dadi not to stop them, as Naina is a threat for them. Harjeet feels happy that Manjot is doing what she wants. She thanks Naina for getting Manjot home. Naina is sent away to the ashram, while Dadi tries everything possible to get Naina back.



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