Another mystery awaits Jaat and Jugni


Munni and Bittu come to Amritkhet. She wants to find out if Bau ji is involved in Tau ji’s murder. She makes excuse of picnic and leaves from the house. Munni falls in trouble, when a ladder falls over her. Bittu saves her. They both get a moment of romance again. She stops him from stepping on a snake. Munni has feelings for Bittu and is not telling him anything. They fall in another mystery. They see Bittu and Munni written with blood on the bungalow. He sees their names written on every house in the village.

Their names are crossed by the black coals. They think who has written their names and struck it off. They find the matter critical. They don’t know if there were any Bittu and Munni in the past, whose love was not accepted by the villagers. Bittu and Munni will be solving the mystery of their crossed names. The explosive twist will be bringing them more closer. They could not find any clue about Tau ji’s murder. Did Bau ji plan this to divert them from Tau ji’s murder case? Keep reading.



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