Chakor-Suraj to cure Bhaiya ji’s madness in Udaan


Chakor meets Ajay to discuss her plans. She returns home while thinking of Suraj. Her foot gets stuck in the dirt. She goes to wash her foot by using the hand pump water. She fails to withdraw water. Suraj comes to help her. He helps her out. They get into an argument. Suraj tells Chakor about Bhaiya ji’s truth, that Vivaan and Ragini have made Bhaiya ji mad by giving him wrong medicines, if Bhaiya ji gets fine, he will stop gun factory.

Chakor tells Suraj that she already knew this truth. Suraj is jealous by Ajay and Chakor’s bond. Chakor’s anger does not get calm. Meanwhile, Vivaan and Ragini get worried that medicines have got less. They wonder if chemist has given less injections. Suraj find the medicines and hides some. Chakor has sent Suraj to hide the medicines, so that they can save Bhaiya ji. Vivaan does not know Suraj and Chakor already know Bhaiya ji’s madness truth. Chakor-Suraj will be curing Bhaiya ji’s madness.


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