Murder and blackmailing twist in Thapki Pyaar Ki

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Kosi asks Aryan to kill Vasundara. Kosi has kidnapped Tina. She asks Aryan to have fun in her rule. She keeps the condition in front of Aryan. She asks am I mad to get Tina here, I will not fail my plan. Aryan is fed up finding Thapki and Bani. She gives him a knife to murder Vasundara. She tells him that if he does not save Tina in an hour, Tina will die. He asks her why is she doing this. She says I will leave Tina, but you have to kill Vasundara. Aryan goes and meets Vasundara.

Vasundara feeds him snacks by her hands. Aryan gets emotional. Kosi asks him not to get emotional, as its Bihaan’s family, not Aryan’s. He has proof against Kosi, by which he can expose her and kick her out of the house. Kosi can get punishment as he has arrest warrant against her, but nothing helps him. He is worried and does not know what to do. He gets mother’s love from Vasundara. He does not want to kill Vasundara. He throws the knife away. What will Aryan do now? Keep reading.






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