Virendra and Chandrakanta’s alliance to break


Virendra’s Rajya abhishek happens after a puja. Virendra does the aarti. Chandrakanta and her dad attend the ceremony. Chandrakanta and Virendra go away to make a mannat. Chandrakanta’s dad wants them to get married. He talks to their alliance to Virendra’s parents. Virendra’s mum also wanted Virendra and Chandrakanta to unite, but Virendra’s dad disapproves this relation. He is helpless and Virendra’s relation has happened with princess Taramati many years ago. He says I m bounded by this promise. He apologizes for rejecting Chandrakanta’s proposal.

Chandrakanta’s dad says this is our insult, you have refused to the alliance. He does not want Chandrakanta to be with Virendra. Virendra and Chandrakanta tie the mannat thread. Their relation is of love. They get lost in each other’s eyes while tying the mannat thread around the tree. They make a wish to always be together. Chandrakanta’s father angrily comes there and takes her away. Virendra gets a shock. Chandrakanta does not know what’s happening.


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