Anika gets depressed by Pinky’s condition in Ishqbaaz


Anika falls in huge trouble when Pinky corners her completely by her plans. Pinky tells Anika that Kamini is Shivay’s mum. She blackmails Anika into hiding this truth from Shivay. She tells Anika about her baby who died after birth, and then Shakti gave her Kamini’s son to make him Oberois heir. She asks Anika to tell this truth to Shivay, and then see him dying, being unable to bear this bitter fact. She asks Anika to inform Shivay if she has courage. Anika shatters knowing this. Pinky asks her to leave from Shivay’s life, else Shivay will be facing the shocking truth.

Gauri plans to unite Shivay and Anika. She calls Omkara for help. Shivay is moved by Priyanka’s annoyance. Priyanka apologizes to him. She asks him to give a chance to Ranveer. Shivay melts seeing her tears. Anika gets depressed and hides the matter from Shivay. The truth hollows her within. Gauri comes to help Anika. Anika is not annoyed with Shivay’s behavior. Anika tells Gauri about her and Shivay’s terms. Omkara tells Shivay that Anika fell in the pool. Shivay runs to save Anika. Priyanka fools the family and goes to meet Ranveer. Shivay gets too worried for Anika. Anika tells him that Gauri has pushed him in the pool. They realize it was Gauri and Omkara’s plan to bring them together.



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