Dev decides to remarry in Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi

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Dev has got ready for his second marriage. He tells Ishwari that he is ready to move on and remarry. Ishwari gets worried. Dev has taken the decision to remarry to give happiness to Ishwari and Suhana. He says your happiness matters to me, I know I have to take a step by thinking of others, I just can’t think of myself always, this time I want happiness forever. He is ready to marry Payal. Ishwari is not happy.

She was pushing him for marriage so that he realizes he is meant for Sonakshi. She has tried a lot to know what’s in his heart. She asks him to think well, what’s the hurry for marriage. She says you are doing this to make me happy, do you really want to marry or just took a random decision. He asks her not to worry, he is doing right thing this time. She tries to change his decision. She says I feel like forcing you for marriage, I want you to settle down, but not by getting under any pressure. Dev asks her why is she thinking all this. He tells her that its nothing like that, he is really happy. He made his mind to marry Payal, while Ishwari’s plan to unite Dev and Sonakshi gets spoiled. Ishwari thinks she has called a problem before finding any solution. What will Ishwari do now? Keep reading.



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