Nisha poses a new challenge in Woh Apna Sa


Nisha reaches the hospital knowing her daughter is critical. She is doing a new drama. Aditya shouts on Nisha and pushes her. He asks her how can a mum harm her own children. He tells Kakasa that Nisha has planned to kill their daughter. Nisha is not allowed to meet her daughter. Kakasa stops Aditya. Aditya asks them to send Nisha out, else he will kill Nisha. Nisha has done all the wrong things in his life. Nisha tells him that she is innocent, she was just pacifying their daughter on phone.

Aditya tells them that Nisha has locked the girl in the cupboard. Nisha defends and says I was just playing a game with her, as her daughter was crying. Nisha wanted to calm her and suggested her to hide in cupboard, then Aditya will find her. Nisha did not had any bad intention and was just foolish. Nisha tells Aditya that she can never harm her daughter. Nisha is sure that Aditya will call her back home for her daughters. Aditya realizes Nisha is using the girls for her benefits. Nisha does not want Aditya to marry Jhanvi. Aditya loves his daughters a lot. He warns Nisha to stay away. Nisha challenges Aditya to keep her away from their daughter if he could. Entire family supports Aditya.


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