Rangeela to turn Berahampur’s Sarkaar in Ghulaam


Rangeela finds out Choudhary. Shivani and Rangeela get his mum to the temple. His mum refuses to have new clothes. She gets scared seeing Choudhary in the temple and runs out. Shivani explains her to sit in the mandap. Choudhary gets sindoor for his first wife. Choudhary apologizes to her and convinces her. He calms her anger. Rangeela takes a step and gets Choudhary and his mum married. Rangeela’s mum had gone mad as Choudhary left her many years ago. Shivani and Rangeela pacify her.

Rangeela’s mum gets the respect which she deserved. Veer is finding Choudhary. Veer is after Choudhary’s money, power and status. Rangeela wants to save Choudhary from haveli people. Rangeela sends Choudhary to a safe place. Rangeela will turn into Sarkaar from a Ghulaam. Choudhary will be making Rangeela his legal heir and ruler of Berahampur. Rangeela and Veer’s new fight will be beginning post Choudhary’s decision.


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