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Woh Apna Sa: Nisha reaches the hospital knowing her daughter is critical. She is doing a new drama. Aditya shouts on Nisha and pushes her. He asks her how can a mum harm her own children. He tells Kakasa that Nisha has planned to kill their daughter. Nisha is not allowed to meet her daughter. Kakasa stops Aditya. Aditya asks them to send Nisha out, else he will kill Nisha. Nisha has done all the wrong things in his life. Nisha tells him that she is innocent, she was just pacifying their daughter on phone.

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani:
Vikramjeet and Preeti’s marriage gets happening. Raj loses his control and beats up Vikramjeet. Vikramjeet and Preeti have taken the wedding rounds. They got married by all the rituals. Raj has attacked the groom. Everyone does not know what’s going on. Raj wanted Preeti to marry the right guy, but Vikramjeet failed Raj’s plan. Vikramjeet has played smart and trapped Rani to stop her from reaching home. Raj gets a huge shock knowing Vikramjeet is the groom. Vikramjeet has ruined Sakshi’s life and also got married to Preeti. Raj and Rani fail miserably.

Priyanka’s marriage drama is going on interesting. Pinky has laid the complete trap for Anika. She forces Anika to ruin Shivay’s happiness, else she will break the truth to Shivay about his illegitimate birth. Anika and Gauri’s marriage functions are going on. Jhanvi is supporting Anika. Pinky hates Anika. She wants to separate Anika and Shivay forever. Anika has called Ranveer home which makes Shivay unhappy. Pinky signs Anika and thinks now its Anika’s last day at home. Surprisingly, Shivay gives Priyanka’s hand to Ranveer. Jhanvi also blesses the newly weds. Priyanka is happy that Shivay has accepted them. Pinky gets a shock when Shivay does not get angry by Anika’s step.

Mere Angne Mein:

Amit dances happily in his haldi. Aarti gets the haldi applied. She expects Rani to do something and stop the function. Amit goes crazy and gets much haldi applied. Everyone dance along Amit. Shivam finds this situation wrong. He understands Aarti does not want to marry. Aarti is unhappy. Amit has threatened Shanti about his life, so everyone agreed to him. Rani makes an abshagun to stop the function. Shanti knows Rani is upto something. She asks Rani to stay away from Aarti. Pari gets the bad smell from haldi. Rani had spoiled the haldi. Amit gets troubled and runs to clean off the haldi. Shanti gets a chance and applies the bad haldi to Nandu’s mum Surekha’s face. Rani and Aarti teamed up to stop the marriage.





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