Kartik plans to prove Naira’s innocence in Yeh Rishta…


Aditya is much ungrateful towards Goenka family. He has badly trapped Naira. He got her arrested by accusing that Naira was attempting to murder him. Naira has saved his life when he fell in the deep pit. Naira breaks the entire truth to Kartik and family. Everyone shows belief in Naira. Manish and Naitik fail to save Naira from police by using all their contacts. Police informs them that they will be shifting Naira to jail from police station. Entire family loses courage. Kartik asks Kirti to tell him exactly what happened. Kartik and Kirti head to meet Aditya with a plan to use his ego and oversmartness, and trap him in his own web.

Aditya had kidnapped Naira and wanted to teach her a lesson. He did not know Naira has strong backing from the family. Kirti meets Aditya at the hospital. Aditya tells Kirti how he has made the plan to frame Naira in the police case. Kirti fools him by false praise, and apologizes to him to go against him. She sheds tears and does the drama. Aditya says you were foolish to think you and Naira will win, I m enough to manage 20 people like you. He thinks he can crush Kirti under his tortures again. Kartik makes the police hear Aditya’s confession. Aditya accepts all his misdeeds. Aditya speaks out all the truth by himself. Kirti slaps Aditya and calls her family members there. Aditya gets shocked seeing Manish and Naira. He gets exposed. Naira’s innocence is proved. Naira thanks Kirti for showing courage and helping her out. Naksh is also glad that Kirti has stood for her self-respect. Naksh and Kirti’s love story will be beginning now. Also, Suwarna’s son’s entry will bring new twists in Goenka house.


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