Sameera plans to separate Kokila-Gopi in Saathiya


Meera is helpless, being locked inside the mirror room. Vidya looks for Meera everywhere. Meera shouts to her. Vidya does not hear her. Bhavani tells Meera that it’s no use to shout. Bhavani gets fun seeing Meera crying. She says fine, I will ask help for you. She calls out Vidya and asks her to help Meera. She asks Meera to shout and hit head on the mirror, but none can hear her. Meera asks Bhavani to take her out of here. Bhavani laughs on her. Dharam misses Meera. Meera asks Dharam to see her once and get her out. Meera tells Bhavani that she will not leave her once she gets free. Bhavani asks Meera to keep dreaming.

Meanwhile, Sameera wants to target Gopi. She calls Jaggi and sends him home to keep him away from Gopi. Sameera plans to attack Gopi to keep her in hospital for more days till she sends Kokila to jail. Sameera realizes Kokila and Gopi are each other’s strength, and to rule over them, she has to divide them first. Sameera does not want Gopi to return home. Jaggi leaves from the hospital, while Sita stays to care for Gopi. How long will Sameera win in her conspiracy? Keep reading.


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