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Udaan: Chakor and Suraj recall their old arguments, how they used to live in the haveli when they were together as husband and wife. A sweet flashback scene will be scene. Meanwhile, Imli gets informed that Suraj is in police station. Suraj gets drunk and creates a scene in the village. As a result, he lands in lockup. Imli comes to help out Suraj, when he was expecting Chakor to come to free him. Suraj gets sad seeing Imli.


Dharam talks to Bhavani. He says I will make Meera leave from my heart and then become yours forever, I need some time to forget Meera, there is still some time for our union. He asks Bhavani to understand him. Bhavani calls him sweet. Everyone think Meera is kidnapped, but Bhavani has kept her inside the house. Bhavani wants to become part of Dharam’s life. Dharam tells Bhavani that he will forget Meera and start a new life with her very soon. Bhavani is happy hearing this and hugs him. She says I did not get such peace till now, our life will also be peaceful. She tells Dharam that none can come between them now. Dharam says I want to teach a lesson to Meera. Bhavani believes him.


Rangeela and Shivani are happy. They dance with everyone to celebrate their freedom and also welcome happiness for his friend’s new life. Rangeela’s friend is getting married. Rangeela is supporting his friend’s love. He wants to get the lovey dovey couple turn into husband and wife. It’s first love marriage in Berahampur. Rangeela is starting this new trend. Rangeela keeps the haldi function at home. Veer meets Khushi’s dad to threaten him. He asks the man to get Rangeela’s friend to the haveli, else he will burn Rangeela’s friend and his fiancee Khushi in front of everyone. Veer wants to stop the marriage, and also punish the lovers for going against his rules.

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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi:

Dev asks Sonakshi to select his sherwani, till then he will not leave. Sonakshi asks him why can’t he do this on own, why is he dragging her in all this. He says I m not dragging you, you and mum have dragged me in this mess. He wants her to help him in his engagement. Sonakshi is jealous and angry. Dev does this extreme thing to anger her more. He irritates her by his words. He wants Sonakshi to say truth.

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani:
Raj tortures himself in front of the Devi idol. Rani sees his madness and stops Raj. Rani asks him not to beat himself. He does not listen to her. She hugs him and gets hit. He stops and asks why did she come in between. She tells him that she can’t see him hurting himself. She keeps his hand over diya and makes him swear to take revenge from Vikramjeet. She tells him that she is with him and will get justice for Sakshi. Raj thanks her for support. Raj gets to know that Toshi is kidnapped. He follows the kidnappers and gets to see Toshi tied up. Raj beats up the kidnapper and saves Toshi.


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