Kamini to target Oberois again in Ishqbaaz


Ranveer takes Priyanka home. Kamini welcomes Priyanka home and accepts her as bahu. Kamini thinks to trouble Priyanka and make her cry, to hurt Oberois. She plans to demand money by using Priyanka.

Pinky asks Anika to hurry up and do something. She acts loving towards Anika on seeing Shivay. Shivay likes the decorations at home. He compliments Anika for her work. Anika is worried by Pinky’s threatening. She can’t break Shivay’s heart. Anika tells Shivay that no rasams can make a person keep marriage if it’s not destined to stay. She talks negative by her worry. Shivay does not understand her. He asks her not to say about their marriage breaking. He thinks to find out what’s troubling Anika.

Meanwhile, Rudra tries helping Bhavya. Bhavya scares him about the gangster. Commissioner asks Rudra and Bhavya to stay at some safe place. Rudra introduces himself and happily agrees to take Bhavya along with him to his house. Rudra does not want to involve Shivay in the matter. Bhavya acts innocent and insists Rudra to help her out, as she does not want to die. Rudra thinks its destiny that brought them together. Will Rudra find out Bhavya’s motives? Keep reading.


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