Kaushalya determines to get Shivam remarried in Mere Angne Mein

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Kaushalya applies Amit’s shagun haldi to Shivam. She wants her son to settle in life again. After Riya’s death, Shivam’s loneliness is hurting him and even his family. Kaushalya does not want him to stay alone his entire life. She gets hope that Shivam will agree for second marriage soon. Kaushalya finds happiness when she sees the marriage shaguns happening with Shivam unknowingly. This gives tension to Shivam, as he realizes same things happened with him when Amit was marrying Riya. Shivam ended up marrying Amit’s would be wife Riya that time. He fears whether Lord has planned something similar again.

Meanwhile, Rani tells Aarti that she will not let the marriage happen. She injects coconut oil in mehendi cones, so that Aarti does not get mehendi color in her hands. She wants to prove Shanti that Aarti and Amit won’t get married because of such inauspicious sign. Rani shows Aarti the right mehendi cone. She says I will apply this mehendi, which will leave a dark color on my hand, which will prove I love Amit a lot. Rani wants Amit to come back to her. Aarti does not want to marry Amit. Ajay did not love Aarti and always tortured her. Even then, Aarti loves Ajay and wants to remain just his wife till she dies. She hopes Rani’s plan stops the marriage. Will Shivam end up marrying Aarti this time? Keep reading.


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