Neil to calm Avni’s revenge storm in Naamkarann


Dayavanti wakes up in Aisha’s old house. She gets to see Aisha and Avni’s pictures on the wall. She does not wish to stay in Aisha’s house, but is left with no option. Neil’s Bebe Harleen comes home and strikes a chord with Avni. Neil’s family does Avni’s grahpravesh. Bebe gets impressed seeing Avni’s beauty. She did not expect Prakash and Shweta to find a pretty wife for Neil. She showers Avni with blessings.

Ali sees Dayavanti’s family in Aisha’s house and informs Avni. Avni wants to throw Dayavanti out of Aisha’s house. Ali asks her to meet and plan to leave from Neil’s house first. Avni fears about Neela’s condition. Neil calms Shweta’s anger and diverts her into making her Ananya perform first rasoi ritual. Neil wants Avni’s revenge fire to calm down. He just wants to make Avni live a normal life. He sees Avni leaving his house. Avni apologizes to Neil and bids him bye. Neil informs Neela what is Avni thinking. Neela acts and gets herself arrested to convince Avni to stay in her marriage. Neil tells Avni that he has solid evidence against Neela. Avni gets helpless to go back to Neil to save Neela from police. Neil tries making Avni busy at home and forget her revenge with Dayavanti.


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