Sanchi to instill her dad’s ethics in Savitri Devi Hospital


Veer plans to take Sanchi on a date. He asks Sanchi, to which she agrees. He feels like going to heaven. Veer dances happily with the hospital staff. He is very much fallen in love. He sings Pehla nasha and expresses happiness. Veer sees Sanchi and feels romantic. He says I will going on a proper date with Sanchi. His friend asks him how did Sanchi agree to go with him. Veer says Sanchi and I are decent, and can go on a date.

Dr. Anand checks a little girl who is very critical and needs a heart transplant. Sanchi witnesses Dr. Anand checking the girl. She wants to see what he decides. Anand asks doctor to keep the heart unit ready for minister’s transplant, and wait for new donor for the needy girl. Anand does not value someone’s life. Sanchi gets to see Anand’s bad doings. She says its time to end Anand’s ego, and bring my dad’s ethics in the hospital. Sanchi will start the journey to fulfill her dad’s dreams. The hospital does not value life over money. How will Sanchi instill her ethics? Keep reading.



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