Anika to seek Tia’s help in Ishqbaaz


Shivay calls Ranveer in the rasam, and accepts him as Priyanka’s husband. Jhanvi believes in Shivay and accepts Ranveer. He tells everyone that Ranveer has passed his test, by rejecting high amount for his love. Kamini was glad by getting the cheque. She asked Ranveer to leave Priyanka and forget her, as they are getting a good price. The family sees Ranveer valuing Priyanka’s love. Ranveer tears Shivay’s cheque and rejects his offer. Ranveer just wants to live with Priyanka.

Shivay finds Ranveer the right guy for Priyanka. He asks Jhanvi to bless Ranveer and Priyanka. Everyone give a chance to Ranveer. Priyanka thankfully hugs Shivay. Shivay unites them. Pinky praises Shivay who has brought happiness in their lives by a small decision. Shivay gives all the credit to Anika. He tells Pinky that Anika taught him not to break relations. Shakti feels proud of Anika. Anika meets Tia to know about the secret hidden about Omkara. She asks Tia to help her out in knowing about the video, by which Mrs. Kapoor used to blackmail Shivay.


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