Rangeela swears to change Berahampur in Ghulaam


Maldawali’s taunts make Jageer against Veer. The brothers have a fight. Gulguli asks them to stop it. Veer blames Gulguli for making everyone against him. Meanwhile, the villagers throw stones at Rangeela’s house. They want to threaten Rangeela to stop Phantom’s marriage. Rangeela decorates the marriage mandap. He is not scared of all villager. The villagers break the door and get inside the door to beat up Rangeela. The villagers do not want any love marriage. Rangeela does not want Phantom to go in front of villagers. He says its Veer’s plan, he is using innocent villagers to kill you.

Veer is being brutal again. He has crossed limits and hangs Phantom and Khushi. He gives them death punishment. Rangeela gets caught by Veer’s men. He fails to save Phantom and Khushi, even after trying much. Veer does not listen to anyone and kills Rangeela’s friend and his fiancee.

Rangeela gets emotionally shocked and cries, seeing his friend dead. He can’t believe his friend has died. He shouts and tells everyone that he will not leave anyone. Rangeela breaks down and tells them that he will change this blind laws and rules. He swears to change Berahampur. Rangeela will fight mind game with Veer, and make Veer lose. He will change people’s thinking. Veer has the support of entire Berahampur. He has won the people by fear and old customs. Rangeela knows its tough to change people’s mindsets, but he will give a challenge to Veer. Rangeela will take revenge of Phantom’s death.


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