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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani:
Rani has shown Vikramjeet’s crime on the projector. The women beat Vikramjeet by slippers. Vikramjeet gets humiliated. Vikramjeet catches Rani and points the gun at her head. He stops Raj from harming him. He tells Raj that he will shoot Rani. Vikramjeet is exposed in front of everyone. Vikramjeet is blackmailing Raj. Raj pushes Rani and stops Vikramjeet. They both fight. Vikramjeet gets shot by Raj’s hand. Vikramjeet dies and is taken away. Raj did not kill him intentionally. Rani asks Raj not to regret to kill such a criminal.

Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage:

Aru gets a shock seeing Raniben with some stranger. She gets to know Raniben was meeting her ex lover. She will be telling Mukhi about Raniben’s truth. She had seen that stranger once. She recalls seeing him outside house. Raniben tries to stop Aru. Misri calls Mukhi for panipuri competition. Misri wants to relive some moments with Mukhi, before she leaves the house. Misri is soon going to get married and starts missing the family. Mukhi and Misri have panipuri competition. They recall their childhood memories. Mukhi wants to keep Misri happy. Aru gets happy seeing them.


Maldawali’s taunts make Jageer against Veer. The brothers have a fight. Gulguli asks them to stop it. Veer blames Gulguli for making everyone against him. Meanwhile, the villagers throw stones at Rangeela’s house. They want to threaten Rangeela to stop Phantom’s marriage. Rangeela decorates the marriage mandap. He is not scared of all villager. The villagers break the door and get inside the door to beat up Rangeela. The villagers do not want any love marriage. Rangeela does not want Phantom to go in front of villagers. He says its Veer’s plan, he is using innocent villagers to kill you.


Saanjh is going to get married. Saanjh is waiting for Samay in the mandap. Arjun gets Ayaan there and tells Saanjh that Samay had kidnapped Ayaan. Maya is also missing. Arjun exposes Samay. Saanjh asks Arjun is he mad, Maya is trapping him, Maya has got my dad killed. Arjun does not want to hear anything against Maya. He believes in Maya. He says Maya is not after Prem’s death, if this is true, I will not let Maya come in my life.


After the First rasoi rasam, Neil’s family decorates his room for Neil and Avni’s first night. Avni plans to make Neil fall asleep and adds the sleeping pills in the milk glass. Avni wakes up in the morning and does not remember what happened. Neil teases her and lies to her about their romantic union. Avni scolds Neil and sheds tears. She asks him did he not get shame to take advantage of her.


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