Celebrations to double up in Saath Nibhana Saathiya


Jaggi and Gopi’s relation turned a bond of lifetime. Jaggi and Gopi holds hands and reach a temple. They both take Lord’s blessings. Gopi accepts Jaggi as her husband. Jaggi got Gopi’s love finally. Gopi offers the sindoor box to Jaggi. She asks Jaggi to fill sindoor. It becomes a happy moment for Jaggi. They both get too emotional. Jaggi fills sindoor in Gopi’s hairline. Jaggi and Gopi’s love turned mutual. Ahem’s soul sees Gopi’s life coming on right track.

Ahem happily blesses Gopi and Jaggi. He is sure that Gopi will be happy with Jaggi, and his soul will also get peace seeing her happiness. Kokila is very happy by Gopi’s decision. She blesses Gopi and Jaggi. Urmila and entire family are also happy. Urmila has always been supportive of Jaggi. She says its a good day as Gopi has accepted Jaggi. She suggests they should celebrate. Sameera says its double celebrations, I will celebrate birthday with entire family this year. They all plan to keep a birthday for Sameera. Sameera will add some drama in the party. How will Gopi, Kokila and Jaggi handle Sameera? Keep reading.


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