Shakti – Soumya’s new responsibility

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Preeto has accepted Soumya for Harman’s sake. Harman promises Soumya that he will be always with her, and try to get the world’s happiness for her. He gets golgappas for her to celebrate their together. Soumya asks her why did he get this on dinner time. Harman wants to express his love, and gets the golgappas from the same chaat vendor who blessed them in the past. Harman and Soumya have golgappas. Harman tries to bring romance in their lives by small moments. Soumya gets happy by his gestures. Harman feeds the golgappas to her. She says it does not look good to come to room, when everyone is dining there.

Harman says I don’t care for what others think. Harman hugs Soumya. Soumya revived many old memories by Harman’s incident. Varun comes there and gives the divorce papers to Harman. He tells them that Surbhi has sent the papers and wants divorce from Harman. This makes Soumya worried. Harman explains Soumya that its better to break this relation, if it does not mean anything to them. Surbhi has initiated their divorce legally. Harman agreed to her, so that Surbhi moves on in life and lives as per her choice. Harman and Surbhi have no future together, so Harman makes Surbhi free of the relation. Soumya understands Harman and Surbhi’s decision. Preeto gives the house responsibilities to Soumya. Preeto wants to see how a kinner does bahu duties. Will Preeto let them stay in peace? Keep reading.

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