Shivam and Aarti to get married in Mere Angne Mein

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Amit and Aarti’s marriage functions are going on. Amit is happy to marry the girl of his choice. He asks Pari to apply shagun mehendi to him. Shanti’s house always has drama. Amit and Aarti’s mehendi function goes on. Amit asks Pari to make a heart and then write Aarti’s name in it by passing the arrow in between the heart. He talks filmi. Shanti asks him to control his feelings. Shivam finds Amit crazy to remarry. Meanwhile, Nimmi and Golu Singh’s romance will be seen. Golu Singh has fallen in love with Nimmi and dreams of her everywhere. Golu Singh is a Dabangg inspector. He is not scared of Shanti. Nimmi gets glad seeing his bold nature.

Nimmi and Golu Singh like each other, as they are similar, they are fearless and short tempered. Pari starts liking Golu Singh. She gets angry seeing Nimmi with Golu Singh. She does not want Nimmi to come between her love story. Aarti gets emotional and spends some time with Shanti. She did not imagine that she will get so much love in Shanti Sadan, when she is not related to the family. She takes care of Shanti. Shanti also gets emotional as Aarti has always favored her. She says Aarti has respected me more than my own bahu Kaushalya. Shanti gives money to Aarti as shagun. Shanti is being fair with Amit. By twist of fate and Rani’s plannings, Shivam and Aarti will get married, and Amit will just keep dreaming. Amit’s heart will break. He will be back to Rani again.


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