Simar to protect Anjali in Sasural Simar Ka


Anjali thinks of Simar and shouts for help, when a guy misbehaves with her. Simar comes to protect Anjali. She tells the guy that Anjali is her daughter, and she is Anjali’s protector. She beats the guy and shouts Anjali is not alone, her mum is still alive. The guy apologizes. Anjali was caught in big trouble. The mad stalker scared Anjali a lot. Simar calls police and asks inspector to arrest the stalker.

Simar tells Anjali that she did good to call her on time. Simar saves Anjali and consoles Anjali. She asks Anjali not to be scared now, the guy is arrested. She says a mother is always a mother, mother’s love never changes for her children. She asks Anjali not to hate her. She takes Anjali home. Simar makes a plan and asks Vikram to do drama of marrying Tanvi. Tanvi does not like this plan, as she really loves Vikram. She has to save Vikram from this mess. She does not know to fake marry Vikram or not. Her emotions get hurt. Vikram decides to marry Tanvi, as per his planning. Khushi gets to know Vikram’s plan to get Anjali on right path. Khushi wants to ruin Vikram’s plan and get him really married to Tanvi.


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