Aryan gets suspicious of Lovely in Thapki Pyaar Ki


Pandey family mourns for Bani’s death. They all keep Bani’s huge portrait and miss her. They write their emotional messages on the photo. They all shed tears. Lovely, who has taken Thapki’s place at home does drama. She looks very upset, as she has lost her daughter. She wishes this accident did not happen. Aryan is doubtful about new Thapki. He wants to know if she is real Thapki or not. He does not feel anything for Thapki.

Aryan wants to confirm whether Thapki is real or not. He asks Thapki to write some message for Bani. Thapki writes her message. Aryan checks her handwriting. He sees the match and does not get any clue. Lovely reacts seeing everyone crying. She asks them to stop crying for Bani, she has gone, she would be happy in heaven, its enough of chanting her name. Aryan and everyone get shocked seeing her behavior. Lovely then acts like Thapki, and says Bani would have reacted such a way. She says I m missing Bani a lot. She manages to fool them. Aryan gets more suspicious about her.



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