Dipika confesses love for Piyush in Dhhai Kilo Prem

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Dipika and Piyush get engaged. They have a fun time in the function. Dipika gets drunk by mistake. She gets a chance to burst out all her feelings. She dances in the function. She does not think of anyone. She makes Piyush dance with her. Dipika and Piyush perform. Dipika does not let Piyush go. She stops him and gives her speech. She speaks out her sorrow, how she has always faced insult because of her obesity. She says what if I m fat, don’t I have my feelings, don’t I get hurt. Piyush asks her to stop it. She does not listen and tells him that she loves Piyush a lot, she got the one whom she loves and he also loves her, he has just seen her heart.

Piyush claps to end her speech. She tells him that she did not finish yet. She says I m very lucky to get a guy like Piyush, and such good inlaws. She tells what she feels by getting such a groom and inlaws. She thanks Piyush for valuing her, without caring her looks and weight. She is thankful to him for coming in her life. Piyush gets silent. He has to unwillingly support her. Everyone clap for Dipika’s honest words.






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