Kiran to keep Kartik at bay in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai


Naira dances with Kiran. She prepares for the duet round. Kartik sees Naira and Kiran dancing. Naira tells Kartik that her old memories got revived. She tells how Kiran and she used to dance in Rishikesh. She gets too excited to have Kiran back with her as the dance partner. Kartik is happy for Naira. Kartik doubts on Kiran, who tries getting close to Naira. Naira does not feel odd as she knows Kiran since long and they have been good friends. Naira wants to leave with Kartik. She tells Kiran that she will go and rest for some time, she has got tired. Kiran says not now, I still have to teach some steps and show a video. He does not let Naira go with Kartik. Naira goes for resuming practice. Kartik trusts Naira a lot. They are soul mates and have fine tuning. Kartik understands Naira’s situation

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Kartik does not like Naira and Kiran’s friendship. He gets jealous seeing their chemistry. Kartik gets annoyed and goes out of the house. Naira stops Kartik and hugs him. She ends Kartik’s annoyance. Naira does not want Kartik to go anywhere. Kartik tells her that he is not annoyed anymore, he has work and will call her later. Naira finds time and calls Kartik. Naira asks him what is he doing. Kartik says he is also too busy like her. Naira calls him selfish that he did not miss her, but she is missing him. Kiran stops her from talking to Kartik, and asks her to come for practice. Kiran tries keeping Kartik and Naira away. What are Kiran’s motives? Keep reading.


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