Kunal to help out Naina in Swabhimaan


Meghna thought to do good for Naina. She was keeping Naina away from Karan, so that Karan’s allergy does not affect Naina. Nandkishore had made a big issue out of Meghna’s step. He ordered Sharda to take her daughters and leave. Naina finds a solution and decides to leave the house. Even Karan wanted the same. Naina tells Meghna that she is leaving from the city. Meghna tries to stop Naina. She asks Naina to come back home and stay with her. Sharda tells Kunal that Meghna gets anger soon and also tears. She says Meghna is very emotional, Kunal has to take care of her. Sharda and Naina ask Meghna to stay happy with Kunal. Meghna asks Naina to return home with her. Naina says its your inlaws now, I can’t take your help, I m leaving forever.

Kunal sees Meghna getting upset. He does not want Meghna and Karan to get hurt by Naina’s departure. Kunal helps Naina and asks Naina to accept his help, as he is like her elder brother. He asks Sharda not to interfere and bring self-esteem in this matter. He tells Naina that he will talk to his neighbor and arrange a flat on rent for her. He asks Naina to talk of rent herself. He asks Naina to stay in city and just take his advice. Kunal is doing this for Karan. He does not want Naina to go away from Karan and Meghna. Meghna thanks Kunal for this idea. Naina agrees to stay back in same city, all thanks to Kunal’s help.


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