Kusum Sundari succeeds to separate Devanshi and Vardaan


Devanshi drops Menka at her mum’s house. She gets a clue about Kusum Sundari. She finds a strong lead and reaches a place, where she comes to know that Menka’s Bua is actually Kusum Sundari, who had been ruining her house peace till now. Kusum Sundari has hidden her true identity and manipulated things to create a big misunderstanding between Vardaan and Devanshi. Mohan keeps a love letter for Devanshi by Shikhar’s name. Vardaan happens to get that latter and gets raged, doubting on Devanshi further.

Devanshi is excited to share her pregnancy news with Vardaan. She finds a peaceful moment and thinks its a good chance to surprise him. She hugs Vardaan, and breaks out her pregnancy news to him. Vardaan gets a huge shock by hearing the news. Mohan fills Vardaan’s ears against Devanshi and Shikhar. Mohan lies about Devanshi meeting Shikhar secretly.

Devanshi does not know about Kusum Sundari enchanting Vardaan’s senses on that particular night when Devanshi and Vardaan united. Vardaan does not remember consummating his marriage with Devanshi. He suspects Devanshi is pregnant with Shikhar’s child. Vardaan refuses to accept the child, giving a big shock to Devanshi. Vardaan decides to abandon Devanshi. What will Devanshi do now? Keep reading.


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