Mukhi risks life to save Aru in Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage

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Mukhi gets emotional about Misri. Misri’s marriage day arrives. Mukhi wakes up Misri and wants to spend much time with her, as she would be leaving in evening. Aru cheers up Mukhi. She ties the Pagdi to Mukhi, though she finds it a tough task. Mukhi and Aru leave from home for some work. He thinks of Misri and talks to Aru. They are on the way. He stops his jeep and goes to get the water. Someone plans an attack on Aru.

Aru and Mukhi love each other, though they do not express. Mukhi risks his life to save Aru. He sees the truck speeding towards Aru’s car. He runs and gets Aru out of the car. He saves her, but meets with an accident. Mukhi falls in trouble. Aru gets a shock seeing Mukhi wounded. Mukhi does not know who is trying to kill Aru. Aru cries and asks Mukhi to get up. She tries to get help from someone. Mukhi’s sacrifice will make Aru realize her love for him.






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