Naira showers surprises on Kartik in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Kartik and Naira to unite

Kartik runs to Naira’s home, after Naksh gives him a panicking message. Naira surprises Kartik. They celebrate their first meet anniversary. Naira tells him that she always remembered the date. She asks him to check the gift again, she has sent it to him. Naira and Kartik romance. Kiran interrupts them again and again. Kartik does not want Naira’s rehearsals to stop because of him. He asks Naira and Kiran to resume their rehearsals. Naira gets glad by Kartik’s understanding.

Dadi helps Kirti and tries to explain her how life changes. She asks Kirti to fill new colors in life and move on. She asks Kirti to go on holiday and get happy. Kirti does not want to go away from family. Kirti asks Dadi to let her work and help Naira in the dance academy. She tells Dadi that helping Naira will give her happiness. Dadi does not like Kirti to get involved in dance academy work. Kirti asks Dadi not to worry for society. Dadi does not permit Kirti, which upsets her. Kartik sees Naira and Kiran dancing. He is happy seeing Naira. Naksh gets emotional and misses Tara. Manish tells Kirti that he is supporting Naira as its related to everyone’s happiness. He asks Kirti to go and help Naira, if it gives happiness to her. Kirti gets glad.

Naira gives her second surprise to Kartik. She revives all their old memories. She tells him that its a very big thing that they met by destiny. They see their marriage functions video and celebrate. Dadi gets to know Manish’s decision to support Kirti. Dadi asks Naira to stop playing games and breaking her family. Naira sees Suwarna being possessive about a doll. She thinks to find out what’s Suwarna hiding.


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