TGI Friday’s Spoilers


Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage: Mukhi gets emotional about Misri. Misri’s marriage day arrives. Mukhi wakes up Misri and wants to spend much time with her, as she would be leaving in evening. Aru cheers up Mukhi. She ties the Pagdi to Mukhi, though she finds it a tough task. Mukhi and Aru leave from home for some work. He thinks of Misri and talks to Aru. They are on the way. He stops his jeep and goes to get the water. Someone plans an attack on Aru.

Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai: Abhimanyu and Aditya are twin brothers. Gitanjali is confused between their identities. She has to find out who is Abhimanyu and who is Aditya. Abhimanyu and Aditya argue and confront each other. Aditya tells Abhimanyu that he did not get his rights because of him. They both have a fight. Aditya tries to win Gitanjali’s trust and lies that he is Abhimanyu. She slaps Aditya and says I know you are not my Abhimanyu. She hugs Abhimanyu. She says Abhimanyu can’t hurt me, Abhimanyu loved me, I know he can never hurt my emotions and love. Abhimanyu thanks Gitanjali in believing in him.


Avni and Neil take care of each other. They have much concern and emotions in heart. Neil falls asleep. Avni sees him, looking innocent like a kid. Avni cares for him. She is coming close to Neil. She respects Neil as he is supporting her a lot. Dayavanti wants to check if Ananya is Avni, and how did she come out. Ketan switches off the lights in the house. Neil says Dayavanti knows you are with me, she will do something that will help us catch her red handed. Avni has ended all the pretension. Avni does not lie to Neil anymore.


Shivay and Anika will be seen having a romantic union just before their separation. Ishqbaaz will take a short leap. Pinky’s truth of not being Shivay’s biological mum will be revealed.


Veer uses his Sarpanch post and punishes Phantom and Khushi. Rangeela cries seeing his friend dead. He recalls Phantom’s happiness when he got married. Phantom and Khushi die by Veer’s hands. Rangeela sees their dead bodies and shatters. Rangeela and Shivani did not know this would happen. They did not expect such sorrowful incident to happen. Shivani makes Khushi ready for the final rites. He keeps Khushi’s bridal dress and sindoor along with Khushi’s body. Rangeela gets flashback of Phantom’s marriage. He sits in shock. Shivani consoles Rangeela. She fears that Veer will kill everyone. Rangeela consoles Shivani.

Sasural Simar Ka:
Anjali wants to stop Vikram and Tanvi’s marriage. Simar stops Vikram and asks him how can he do this. Vikram fills sindoor in Tanvi’s maang. She says you can’t do this, if Anjali does not come, your heart will break again, I will not let big justice happen with Anjali. Simar’s emotional speech does not influence Vikram, Vikram is heartbroken. Anjali gets late in reaching the temple. She sees Vikram and Tanvi married and shatters.


Samay plans to get Maya’s baby aborted. Maya gets saved by Samay’s dirty plans. Maya celebrates in her baby shower function. Vandana and Jhanvi celebrate with her. They give wishes to Maya. They teach her how to manage the baby. They hope Maya becomes a good mum.

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Sharda is proud of Naina. Naina has kept her Swabhimaan. Naina and Meghna had the misunderstanding between them. Sandhya has used Meghna against Naina. Meghna has made Naina and Karan away by Sandhya’s lies.


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