Aru gets targeted again in Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage


Misri and Deep’s marriage will be seen. The marriage day brings many emotions for Misri and her family. Misri gets ready as the bride. Aru helps her out. Misri gives Mukhi’s responsibility to Aru. Misri trusts Aru a lot. She understands Aru will not let Mukhi emotionally down after her bidaai. Aru assures Mukhi’s well being to Misri. Misri and Deep exchange the varmala. Mukhi wishes Misri a happy future and blesses her. Aru disappears from the wedding. She gets a note from someone. She gets curious to know about her sister. She thinks to meet Anshul and come back in the wedding soon.

Mukhi and Aru have another twist in their life. Their unknown enemy plans the next move. Aru gets attacked by Lal ji. He pushes her inside the well. Aru fails to see his face. Mukhi takes his goat there. He asks the goat why is she dragging him to the well. The goat signs and hits the well. Mukhi sees Aru’s sandal there and looks inside the well. He gets a shock seeing Aru inside. He jumps down the well. Mukhi saves Aru’s life. Lal ji is taking revenge from Mukhi, who has sent him to the jail. Mukhi and Aru go back to the wedding venue and fulfill Misri’s wedding rituals.


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