Colors’ Mini Spoilers

Colors Mini Spoilers Highlights for the Day

Thapki Pyaar Ki:
Lovely makes the food for everyone. She serves the food to family. Everyone praise Thapki. Mishra comes to ask for money for official work. He sees Lovely and asks her what is she doing here. Lovely gets tensed. Aryan stops Mishra and wants to know the matter completely. Mishra tells Aryan that Lovely is a bar dancer. Aryan goes to the bar to find Lovely’s truth. Lovely dances in the bar, while wearing a mask on her face. Aryan tries to spy. He has a doubt on Thapki, but can’t be sure till he sees Lovely’s face.


Devanshi will get a leap of one year. Vardaan will be seen in a new avatar. Vardaan has become Dharmic and got good equations with Kusum Sundari. He will be seen working for the temple. He will be changing to a very different avatar. Vardaan has gone through a lot by the past happening, when Devanshi died by falling down the cliff. Vardaan is getting close to Menka. Kusum Sundari asks Vardaan to give a chance to Menka. Vardaan is believing Kusum Sundari a lot. His enmity with Kusum Sundari ended.

Suraj and Chakor find another moment to fill in romance. Suraj asks Chakor not to say anything, and let silence stay between. Suraj and Chakor speak their love by their eyes. Chakor’s hatred melts. They both hide in the PCO to get saved from Ragini’s goons. Chakor tells Suraj that she can’t live with him now. Chakor recalls Suraj and Imli’s relation. Suraj tells her that he has lied to everyone that he has fathered Imli’s child. She gets angry and asks him why is he changing his words now, she can’t trust him if he lies.

Happy Singh tells Harak that he came to meet his bahu. Prince sees Soumya and tells them that Soumya was maid in their house. Chintu gets much angry and pushes Prince. Chintu asks how can Soumya work in this house. Happy Singh leaves with his family.


Karan buys a bouquet for Naina. Sandhya meets him and instigates him against Meghna. She says its good you are going to meet Naina, Meghna does not want you and Naina to meet, but you should go, atleast Naina will get some happiness. Karan heads to meet Naina at the school, where she has joined to keep herself busy. Karan sings a romantic song for Naina and plays guitar to please her. Naina does not talk to Karan. Karan does not give up by facing her avoidance.


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