Fun moments between Suraj-Chakor in Udaan


Suraj and Chakor miss the bus. They land back to the same dhaba. They have food. They don’t have money to pay. Chakor asks Suraj how did he order food when he had no money. He asks her to sit. He tells her that they have to act to get saved. He acts drunk. She asks him to leave her hand and leave from her life as well. Suraj says I want to get some freedom from you, I m fed up. He sits drinking. Chakor asks him to throw the wine bottle. They both argue. Everyone witness the typical husband and wife fight. Chakor says this man does not know respecting women, we missed the bus, and he is dancing here with this bottle.

Chakor says Suraj made me fall in this problem and is fighting with me. Suraj says you are not letting me drink anywhere. They plan this fight to avoid paying for food at the dhaba. They blame each other for making their life hell. Their romance will be seen in their nok jhok. Suraj tells the unmarried men not to marry, else they will have a life of a dog. Suraj diverts everyone. Suraj takes the phone from dhaba man and gives to Chakor.

Chakor asks the dhaba man to have the phone and sell it to get money, if she does not come back to pay money. Suraj and Chakor fool the man and handover the man’s phone as payment. Ragini’s goons are also present at the dhaba. Goons see them and point pistol at Chakor.

The goons receive Ragini’s call and get some instructions. They snatch the valuables from Suraj and Chakor and leave. Ragini has sent those goons to trouble and scare them. Suraj and Chakor get helpless to wait for the bus till the morning. They get a moment, when rain showers. They romance in the rain. They have an argument over shelter. Suraj calls her a wild cat. He tells her that she is just his wild cat. He asks her what happened to her, if she is a marathon runner, could she not stop her inspector friend. She tells him that all this happened because of him, she missed the bus because of him. The situation got them together again. Sweet moments between SuKor will be seen.


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