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New troubles for Soumya in Shakti

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Harman wakes up and is happy finding Soumya beside. His face glows by a sweet smile. He asks Soumya why is she worried. Soumya is worried by the new problem. Some uninvited guests make her upset. Soumya recalls a past moment and is hurt by the kinner’s words. Harman asks Soumya why is he caring for society and people, it does not matter what people think and say. Soumya attends the guests. Preeto introduces Soumya as her bahu.

Soumya worked as the maid in Happy Singh’s house. Happy Singh does not identify Soumya as she has donned ghunghat on her face while working at his house. The little boy identifies Soumya and tells them that Soumya worked as maid in their house. The kids have a fight over Soumya. Preeto thinks of saving her respect, as she has accepted Soumya as bahu now. Preeto defends Soumya. Soumya getss new problems. She does not know how to live up to Preeto’s expectations. Preeto and Harak have become calm inlaws now, but there is a storm within Soumya’s heart. She wonders if Preeto’s words were true, how will she manage all her duties being a kinner. Will Harman relieve Soumya from her inhibitions? Keep reading.

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