Omkara to doubt Gauri’s intentions in Dil Boley Oberoi


Gauri and Bhavya reach the temple to do puja. Someone threatens Bhavya. She realizes the person killing her family. The man threatens of killing Rudra. Bhavya gets alert. Gauri realizes Buamaa’s evil plans. Buamaa waits for Omkara and Gauri’s togetherness. She plans to get them remarried. Gauri is stuck in the dilemma. Bhavya meets the goon. He orders her to sit in the car. Bhavya leaves in the car. Rudra gets another threatening note and calls Bhavya. Gauri informs him that Bhavya left with someone. Rudra fears Bhavya got kidnapped. Rudra does not want to spoil Omkara and Gauri’s marriage. He does not tell them the matter. Rudra leaves to find Bhavya. Gauri thinks of leaving from Omkara’s life. Buamaa prepares for the rituals. Omkara does not think Gauri will come back. He sends away the pandit and tells Buamaa that marriage won’t happen. Buamaa asks Omkara where is Gauri. Omkara ruins Buamaa’s plan. Omkara explains Buamaa that Gauri would have left from his life, even when he married her again. He is adamant that Gauri and he can’t have any relation.

Bhavya answers Rudra’s call and tries to guide him the way. Goon suspects her and grabs her phone. Buamaa assures Ratan that she will get him back. Jhanvi leaves the decision on Omkara. Omkara still believes Gauri is wrong. Buamaa demands Omkara to get either Ratan or Gauri back. Omkara apologizes to Buamaa, failing to keep up her expectations. Buamaa gets angered by Omkara’s stubbornness. Gauri’s entry surprises Omkara. Omkara doubts Gauri’s intentions for coming back.


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