Piyaa Albela – Pooja to realize love


Pooja feels Naren is everywhere around. She wonders if she is in love with Naren. She respects Naren a lot. Naren took reciprocates her admiration. Naren and Pooja are meant to be together. Pooja has fallen in love with Naren. She realizes her love. She does all the arrangements to confess her feelings. She calls Naren for the date. Naren meets Pooja and asks her about the special arrangements. Pooja gets a letter to give him.

Before Pooja could confess her love, Naren’s fiancee makes an entry. Naren and Pooja get a huge shock. Naren’s dad has hidden this truth from Naren. The family gets happy seeing the girl. Pooja gets depressed. She gets much hurt. She tears her love letter which she has written for Naren. Pooja controls her emotions and tears. She leaves from Naren’s house. There will be love triangle between Pooja, Naren and the new girl.


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