Star Plus’ Mini Spoilers

Star Plus TellyReviews Top 2 Upcomings

Naamkarann: Neil gives the bouquet to Bebe and teases her. Bebe pulls his ears. Shweta and Bebe confront Avni for the lipstick mark on the glass. They ask Neil and Avni what did they have. Avni has kept the Nirjala fast and maintains it. Neil tells Bebe that Avni did not have food, when he prompted her to have the food. Bebe gets impressed with Avni. Shweta’s plan to get Avni scolded by Bebe fails. Bebe goes to Avni and asks her why did she not come down for breakfast. Avni is handcuffed by Neil. She hides the handcuffs and tells Bebe that she has fever. Bebe takes care of her and feeds her food.


There is much drama in Modi bhavan, because of the video, in which everyone see Kokila trying to kill Sameera. Daima acts as Kokila in the video. Sameera sheds tears and cooks this drama along with Pinku. Gopi and Jaggi’s celebrations get ruined, as Sameera separated them by the shocking twist. Everyone blames Kokila. The family tries to save Kokila, but they fail. Kokila does not know why Sameera has come with a bad intention. Kokila and Gopi land in jail. They get slapped and beaten up by the inmates. Kokila and Gopi stand for each other. They don’t get the food. Kokila and Gopi bear everything, as they have to win over Sameera. They take few steps back to take a good leap.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Naira’s dance practice goes on well. Naira falls down and gets hurt. Kartik comes there and gets to see Naira’s foot injury. He asks Kiran did he go mad. Kiran blames Kartik and says you came home and she turned to see you, its your mistake. Kartik scolds Kiran for this and takes Naira to the room. Naira explains Kartik that it was not Kiran’s mistake. Kartik and Kiran get into an argument. Naira stops them. Kartik tells everyone that he will take Naira to doctor. Kiran becomes the doctor himself. Kiran twists Naira’s foot and makes her fine. Kartik gets jealous seeing Kiran and Naira resuming the rehearsals.


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