Colors’ Mini Spoilers

Colors Mini Spoilers Highlights for the Day

Suraj and Chakor find some way to reach Lucknow. Their car breaks down. They think what to do. Suraj’s college friends meets them. Suraj introduces his friends to Chakor. His friends offer them lift. Chakor refuses to them. Suraj explains her to accept help if they are getting. Vivaan and Imli’s relation is coming on track. Imli goes to village to find Chakor. The villagers insult Imli. Vivaan rescues her and asks the villagers not to speak a word against Imli. He scolds the villagers. Imli realizes Vivaan still loves her.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Dolly tries to stop Tina. She drops the tube on Tina so that Manav and Tina come close. Lovely gets stuck in the tyre tube. Aryan goes to help her. She asks him to stay away. He says you will get hurt. She says so what, you already doubt on me. They start arguing. Aryan pours water on the tube and frees Lovely.

Sasural Simar Ka:
Simar thinks of Anjali and cries. Sanjana consoles Simar. Pari creates a scene and blames Roshni for cutting Ananya’s expensive bag. Simar and Roshni defend. Roshni tells Piyush that she did not do anything. Pari has done this to create trouble for Roshni. Simar tells them that she has raised Roshni and she can never do this. She takes a stand for Roshni.

Nandkishore feels proud of Karan for making Naina out of the house. He asks Karan to give divorce to Naina. Nirmala asks Nandkishore how can he say this. Nandkishore scolds her and throws water on her face. Karan opposes Nandkishore. He does not want to divorce Naina. Nandkishore gets his angry on Naina’s uncle, who came to solve the matter. Nandkishore insults him and has made the mind to get Karan and Naina’s divorce done. Karan will be going against his dad.


Devanshi gets a shock of her life on knowing she has lost her child. She holds Vardaan responsible for this. Vardaan did not believe Devanshi and her love. Kusum Sundari and Mohan succeeded to separate them. Menka blackmails Kusum Sundari into getting her in Vardaan’s life. Kusum Sundari asks Vardaan to accept Menka. Devanshi’s suffering makes her belief in Maiyya end. She declares her revenge with Kusum Sundari. She is surely to return to Jwalapuri with a new identity. Mohan and Kusum Sundari try to win back the villager’s trust to get power in hands.


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