Naina to manipulate Khurana in Pardes

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Naina controlled by Ahana’s spirit threatens Harjeet for attending the board meeting. Harjeet fears for her life. Naina blackmails Harjeet. She makes Harjeet dance at the point of the knife. Naina tortures her. Harjeet gets tired of entertaining Naina. Naina manipulates her. She asks Harjeet to save Khurana from the molestation case. She tells her to save the family respect in the board meeting. She makes Harjeet dress up awfully.

Naina asks Dadi and Manjot to come along in the meeting. Harjeet’s shocking avatar turns humiliating. Naina upsets the board members. Naina tells them that Harjeet is very ashamed of whatever happened. She makes Harjeet dance like a puppet. Naina heads to free Khurana from the jail. She provokes the inspector and spoils the case more. Naina then requests the inspector to interrogate the nurse and find out truth. Harjeet meets Sudha and tells about Naina’s madness. She fears Ahana has really come to take revenge, which can get deadly for her. She feels helpless. Naina tries to expose Harjeet’s plan of sending the spy cam toy in their room. Naina proves Khurana’s innocence as per her plan to win Khurana’s trust. Naina tells Khurana that Harjeet has defamed him. Khurana gets against Harjeet.






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