Aryan attempts to find real Thapki


Lovely tries to fool Aryan. She burns the money which she has robbed from Pandey house. She angrily declares her revenge motives to ruin Thapki’s life. Pandey family gets a shock seeing the locker empty. They realize the theft. Aryan gets suspicious that Lovely is behind the theft, though he has no proof.

Lovely tries to separate Vasu and Tina. She does not want Tina to believe Vasundara. A man comes to Pandey house who identifies Lovely. Balwinder does not believe him. He slaps the man when he says Lovely is a bar dancer. Aryan gets a doubt and visits the bar. Lovely performs there. Aryan tries to expose her. He sees her performance and unmasks her. Lovely runs away. Aryan comes home and gets a shock to find Lovely already present. Lovely gets a good opportunity to hide from everyone and leave from home. She goes to meet Thapki, whom she has kept captive till now. Aryan follows Lovely and reaches the place. Will Aryan find out Thapki? Keep reading.



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