Love Ka Hai Intezaar – Kamini in trouble

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Vijaylaxmi does not share her exact plan with Rana. She plans to blackmail Madhav by using his weakness Madhavi. She knows Madhav loves Kamini a lot, but Madhavi is his life. Madhav can’t imagine life without his daughter. Vijaylaxmi and Rana plan to frame Kamini in IT fraud. Rana takes help from top officials and creates havoc for Kamini. They inform the income tax officials about her Mumbai house which is bought by Madhav. Madhav gifts the house to Kamini. He gets the registration papers in Rajgarh.

Vijaylaxmi wants to take over the new property and defame Kamini. Rana also holds revenge from Arunoday Mathur. He wants to tangle Arunoday in IT interrogation, while a new plan to kill Kamini is hatched. Rana desperately plans his revenge motives. Arunoday does not reveal the IT matters to Kamini. He tries keeping her away from the hassles. Arunoday believes he can single-handedly manage the matter. The IT department raids Kamini’s house. Madhav and Kamini begin their wedding shopping. Their wedding date gets fixed. Kamini’s parents face the problem along. Madhav and Kamini learn about the IT raid by news. Rana wants to finish Kamini’s career and life. Will Rana’s plan stop Madhav and Kamini’s wedding? Keep reading.






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