Neil and Avni get attacked in Naamkarann

Avni in Naamkarann

Ketan tries to find out Avni. Ketan gets into a fight with Neil and attacks him. Neil gets hurt by Ketan. Ketan manages to escape from Mehta house, which is owned by Neil now. Prakash thinks some thief was trying to rob the house. Avni worries for Neil’s life. She does the aid to his wound. She tells him how she has told Ali not to get involved in her revenge. She is proud of her friendship with Ali. She tells about the cafe, which was their childhood dream. Neil wants to care for Avni. He assures her that both of them won’t get hurt ever again. Avni goes for the puja. Bebe wants to test Avni before accepting her as bahu. She asks Avni to observe a fast. She warns Avni against cheating them.

Avni hides the fasting truth from Neil. Neil teases Avni when she wears his shirt. Neil tells Avni about his Bebe, who sometimes talks silly things. Avni is glad knowing Neil loves Bebe much. She misses such true relations in life. She tells Neil that she always wanted such a loving grandma, but she got Dayavanti in her fate. Neil asks her to love Bebe as her Dadi. Neela learns about the attack on Neil and Avni. Neil plans to hit on Dayavanti’s weak point. Ali feels sidelined by Neil. Neil takes Avni out for buying flowers for Bebe. Avni gets mistaken that he is buying flowers for her. She clears out that love has no place in her life. She still starts falling for Neil.


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