Shivay to end ties with Anika in Ishqbaaz


Ranveer wonders how will Priyanka adjust in his family. Priyanka tells him that his love matters to her the most. She wants to shift to Ranveer’s house soon. She tells him how much she is looking ahead to settle with him. Shivay is sure that Anika will accept his proposal. As per the plan, Anika starts hurting Shivay by her bitter words. Anika creates a huge scene and upsets Shivay. Omkara and Rudra feel sad for Anika and more sad for Shivay. Anika insults Shivay for his move. Anika confronts Shivay for the cheap mandap, and asks him if he wants to conceal their marriage again that he did not invite anyone to publicize the marriage news.

Anika starts talking negative. Shivay gets shocked by her changed tone. Anika says you did not give me wife’s status and ran after Tia for long, I have tolerated a lot to see this day in my life. Shivay tries to explain her that he did not think anything such to hide their relation. He asks Anika why is she doing all this intentionally, is something making her do such thing. Dadi too gets hurt by Anika’s words. Anika asks Dadi not to interrupt between their conversation. Anika calls Oberoi family pretentious to live in fake pride.

Omkara asks Anika what does she think of their family. Shivay asks her what does she means. Omkara and Rudra prompt her to say. Anika tells Shivay that Omkara is illegitimate. Everyone receives a huge shock knowing this. Shivay tried his best to hide this truth by numerous attempts. Shivay feels heartbroken that Anika has ended their relation. Anika insults Pinky. Shivay ends all ties with Anika. He makes Anika leave from the house.


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