Ananya to challenge Avni in Naamkarann


Avni gets a dream about Dayavanti. She gets angry and talks in sleep, challenging Dayavanti and threatening to kill her. Neil happens to see Avni talking angrily in sleep. He finds her much disturbed. He tries to calm her down. Avni holds Neil’s hand in sleep. She does not leave him. He tries to free his hand and sits there beside till she wakes up.

Meanwhile, Avni gets adamant that she will go police station with Neil. Neil refuses to take her along. He does not want Dayavanti to know Avni’s truth. Neil ties her handcuffs and stops her at home. He wants to secure her. Neil has handcuffed with her love. She asks him not to go. Neil asks her to have some rest at home. They have a romantic moment.

Neil tells Avni that she does not need to have fake identity of Ananya. He says you have tolerated much pain, you are just Avni now. Dayavanti threatens and gets the fake Avni home. Fake Avni is the actual Ananya Verma. She tells Avni that she is real Avni. Avni gets a shock. Is Neil behind fake Avni/Ananya’s entry? Keep reading.


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