Bhavani continues her inhuman acts in Saathiya…


Warden is torturing Gopi and Kokila. Meera and Vidya come to meet Gopi. They also get tortured by the chilli powder. Vidya and Meera wash faces by the water. Meera gets raged seeing Bhavani. Bhavani is bossing around even in jail. Bhavani does any drama and makes Gopi scolded by the warden. Bhavani is doing this evils on Sameera’s saying. Sameera met Bhavani in the jail. She was wishing Bhavani and she met before and had a friendship. Bhavani does not get peace and is trying best to hurt Meera. Meera and Vidya challenge Bhavani and Sameera. They will get Gopi and Kokila out of jail soon.

On the other hand, Sita takes a modern avatar. She meets Gopi in jail. Her modern dressing surprises Gopi. Jaggi tells Gopi about their plan to make Sita stand against Sameera. Gopi asks her to do much makeup on eyes, so that Sameera can’t identify her. She says eyes speak the truth, you should not let Sameera know you are Sita. Sita gets new identity of Sia Kapoor. Sita will now make Sameera lose in the beauty contest.


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